Sevens Group Profile


To be the leading multi award winning developer and reputable developer of your choice.


We strive to build with confidence and reputable brands, integrated as a renowned developer in South-East-Asia.

Our Story

Sevens Group was founded based on unwavering self-belief, a strong sense of purpose, and a burning determination to succeed against all odds. In our journey towards success, we have attracted many capable industry leaders and talents to join our company. This truly reflects our dynamic corporate culture that permeates the entire family.

Sevens Group brand embodies our unrelenting pursuit for the utmost quality and professionalism, as attested by the exceptional industrial recognitions we have received. Our strong financial fundamentals and highly adaptable business model have made us a recognized market leader by choice. This would not be possible without a visionary management team and a cadre of talented employees.

Lastly, we would like to thank the various business partners and all employees for their continuous contributions and unwavering support. Through our collective effort and professional expertise, we have Sevens Group into this business success. We remain committed to the Group’s success, and we have every confidence that Sevens Group will soar to even greater heights in time to come.